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At Guerrero Law Offices, we take great pride in bringing immigrating families together by helping them apply for family-based visas. These processes can be very complex, and learning the immigration laws of a country that does not speak your native language can make the process even more difficult. Our family immigration attorneys in Dallas speak fluent Spanish and can help you understand these procedures so you can reunite with your loved ones.

During a free initial consultation, we can help you determine which visa or adjustment of status is appropriate for your situation. Whether you’re seeking a K-1 Fiancé Visa or a permanent Green Card, you can trust our knowledgeable team to guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

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Although you will often hear the terms used interchangeably, there are actually distinct differences between the two. A visa is only a temporary permit to live in the United States, while a green card will allow you to say in the country indefinitely and apply for citizenship. There are also many different kinds of visas and green cards you can apply for, including:

  • K1 Fiancé Visa – Allows a U.S. citizen to sponsor their fiancé so that they can come to the U.S. and get married. Once married, they can then apply for a marriage-based Green Card.
  • K3 Visa – Allows a U.S. citizen who is already married to sponsor their spouse so that they can join them in the U.S. while they wait for their Green Card application to be processed.
  • IR Green Card (Immediate Relative) – Allows a U.S. citizen to sponsor their spouses, children, and parents while they apply for a Green Card.
  • F1 & F3 Green Cards – Allows a U.S. citizen to sponsor their children and allows the children to become lawful permanent U.S. residents.
  • F2 Green Card – Similar to the F1-F3 Green Card, except it allows permanent residents of the U.S. to sponsor their spouse and children while they apply for a Green Card.
  • F4 Green Card – Allows U.S. citizens to sponsor their brothers and sisters while they apply for permanent residence.

We can help your family apply for residency in Texas

Keeping their family together is one of the biggest concerns for U.S. immigrants. Our team is dedicated to helping you do just that. Our Spanish-speaking immigration lawyers in Dallas, TX can help you work with citizenship and immigration services and choose the best route for visa or green card application for your family members.

We can help you reunite with your loved ones. Contact us today at (214) 613-5442 to discuss your family's immigration status during a free consultation.

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