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Reasons to hire a car accident attorney

Car accident victims might want to move past the traumatic experience, but medical bills, lost wages, and other financial troubles make doing so difficult. Texas accident victims could take some solace in the fact that auto liability or uninsured motorist insurance...

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Accidents while multitasking?

Distracted driving is dangerous. This gets worse when you consider that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of work, with more and more people distracted by Zoom meetings in combination with emails and group messages. Read below to learn more about how you can prevent...

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How to handle insurance offers

There's no doubt about it; having to deal with a motor vehicle accident is one of the most frustrating things a person can go through in Texas. Not only are there legal issues that must be taken care of, but you also have to begin the communication and negotiation...

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Who is liable for my car accident injury?

When a car accident happens between two people, sorting out who may be liable can be simple. When you are the passenger on a bus or rideshare, or if a driver was on the job, and you get an accident, things become considerably more complicated. The average cost for a...

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