Being involved in a car accident is an all-around unpleasant experience. But it’s important to keep in mind that there are damages available for victims.

If you plan to seek compensation, then you’ll want to try to build up a record of the crash right away. Collecting proof of the accident-related bills you’ve already come across and have yet to face, may also help you get the compensation you need to fully recover.

Record information at the scene

You can begin to make a record of the crash as soon as you find a place to pull over safely at the scene. Check in with the other party and call the local police department, so anyone who needs immediate medical attention can receive it and so you can comply with state law. The officer who responds to the incident will make report of the crash by speaking to everyone involved, including witnesses. This can help provide an insurance adjuster or judge information to refer to as they work through your claim or lawsuit.

Taking your own notes or photo proof of the event can also be useful as you seek money to repair your car and recuperate from the incident. Before leaving the area, write down any details about the location, the weather and actions you or the other driver took right before the crash. Take photos that show damage to your vehicle too.

Collect medical statements

After leaving the crash site, you’ll want to get your injuries treated by a medical professional. Being able to track down or making copies of your accident-related health records and bills may help you receive reimbursement for any physical or emotional suffering you go through. You should also be sure to collect proof of any purchases you’ve had to make out of pocket to heal, like prescriptions or over-the-counter treatments your doctor suggests.

You might be looking at an overwhelming amount of costs. But contacting a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later can help you navigate the claims process and reach a settlement you deserve.