Spanish-Speaking Immigration Attorneys

Whether you’re in the DACA program and uncertain about your status or simply trying to apply for a family member, trying to establish your immigration status in the U.S. can be difficult in the current political climate. With the big changes that keep happening to immigration law, it is more important now than ever before to know what is happening and how changes in immigration law may affect you. Our immigration attorneys in Dallas, Texas, can help you navigate all aspects of local immigration law. Our Spanish-speaking lawyers can keep you informed on immigration law changes and how they affect you. For more information on how we can help you with your immigration case, call 214-748-6565 today! 

Why Call Our Immigration Law Firm?

  • Free consultation to discuss your case
  • All attorneys fluent in English and Spanish
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The laws and regulations regarding immigration are constantly changing. Failure to keep up with these changes could have a serious impact on you and your family. You could lose your work visa or even face deportation. Since there can be dire consequences when an
immigration issue is handled the wrong way, finding an experienced attorney who understands the immigration process is of the utmost importance.

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Immigration Issues We Can Assist With

Our law firm strives to provide each client with the individualized attention their immigration issue requires. If you hire our firm, you will have our full support throughout the immigration process. We can help you and your family understand all of the immigration laws relevant to you, including:

We can also serve as your representative in:

  • Applications for Hardship Waivers
  • Consular Processing
  • Non-immigrant Visas

Talk To An Experienced Attorney For Your Immigration Issue

Immigration complications can be intimidating and even frightening. You may be wondering if you will even be able to stay in the country with your family in the next few years. Staying informed on these issues and taking preemptive action is important for you and your family. Simply knowing and understanding the law is often all you need to keep your future plans on track. At Guerrero Law, our team can explain immigration law in clear, simple terms and make sure you know what steps you will need to take to maintain U.S. residency. Our lawyers are also fluent in Spanish, so we can discuss your case in the language you are most comfortable with.

Our legal team is fluent in both English and Spanish. Call 214-748-6565 to schedule a free consultation with our immigration law office in Dallas.