Distracted driving is dangerous. This gets worse when you consider that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of work, with more and more people distracted by Zoom meetings in combination with emails and group messages. Read below to learn more about how you can prevent yourself from getting distracted while driving in Texas.

1. Place your phone on silent

Placing your phone on silent or turning your phone off can prevent an MVA. It’s easy to get overconfident in your ability to juggle multiple things at once, whether that is texting and driving or eating while you are driving. However, it is important to remember that multitasking is not something any of us are actually capable of. In reality, we are simply able to switch between separate tasks more quickly than we would otherwise be able to thanks to technology.

2. Eat before you leave

This one is quite straightforward. If you decide to go through a drive-through restaurant instead of cooking at home, you owe it to yourself to go ahead and eat the food in the parking lot.

3. Meditation

Meditation provides several benefits: lowering anxiety, increasing happiness, and allowing you to accept your thoughts are just a few of them. With driving, however, meditation is especially beneficial. Many meditation methods force you to focus more on your breath. In turn, this increases your overall ability to concentrate, which is really useful in preventing an MVA.

4. Talk to a therapist

If you try out the tips mentioned above and are still experiencing trouble concentrating while driving, you may need to reach out to a qualified therapist for further assistance. It can be difficult to stop daydreaming, but it’s far from impossible. A therapist can help you identify the cognitive and behavioral issues revolving around your inability to pay attention for extended periods of time, as well as help to create an action plan to resolve these issues. While this isn’t a quick solution, it can be very effective.