What Our Clients are Saying

“Very professional, accessible, great experience.”

“Very professional, accessible, great experience, deliver all promises, exceeded expectations, great customer service.”
Francis Sola Ibikunle
Jun 29, 2018

“Feliz con sus servicios excelente abogada de migración gracias Ariana”

“Feliz con sus servicios excelente abogada de migración gracias Ariana por su apoyo gracias por luchar por la libertad de mi esposo estaremos agradecidos siempre contigo mis bendiciones siempre”
Liliana Rodriguez
Jun 29, 2018

“Quick to respond and follow up with every concern I had.”

“Very professional, quick to respond and follow up with every concern I had.”
Vincent E.
Apr 11, 2018

“I had a more than an excellent experience with Andrew, he really took care of me and treated me like family not just like a customer.”

“I highly recommend The Guerrero Law Offices. They are very fast and efficient. If you need a law Attorney call this Law firm. I had a more than an excellent experience with Andrew, he really took care of me and treated me like family not just like a customer. They keep you informed on everything, even the small stuff you don’t think matters, these guys know what they’re doing. Thanks for all the great work! You guys are number 1 in my recommendations list.”
Ricardo Barcena C.
Sep 06, 2016

“Guerrero Law represented two accident cases for me, and not only did they work hard to get the best settlement, they answered any questions I had at any time throughout the process. If I could give them more that 5 stars, I would! Ariana Hamilton represented both of my cases, and even though she is very busy, she is very attentive to her clients . Ariana is wonderful at what she does. One thing is for sure – if I ever need representation in the future, I would not have to look far. I recommend Guerrero Law for all accident needs. Thank you Guerrero Law and Ariana for all your assistance.”
Laquita Beasley

“Save yourself the stress save this number to your contacts for future reference. I contacted the Guerrero Law Firm after suffering from an injury in a vehicle accident and was pretty frightened by the severity of it. Fortunately, Ariana and her team of experts walked me through the whole thing. They always asked how I was feeling and doing. They even suggested tips that were my responsibility to take care of showing they really had my best interest in mind. They kept me updated in a timely manner, were incredibly professional and efficient every step of the way, and best of all, treated me like family. I was extremely pleased with the results of my case and relieved to have my health back.”
Jackie Sifuentes

“Ahórrese el estrés y guarde el numero de estos abogados en sus contactos por si se le ofrece algo en el futuro. Contacté a los abogados Guerrero después de sufrir una lesión de accidente automóvil y estaba bastante asustada por la gravedad. Afortunadamente Ariana y su equipo de expertos me guiaron en todo durante el proceso. Siempre me preguntaron cómo estaba y cómo me sentía. Hasta sugirieron consejos útiles sobre cosas de las que yo me encargué. Siempre me mantuvieron al tanto, fueron increíblemente profesional y eficaz, lo mejor de todo fue que me trataron como familia. Estuve más que satisfecha con los resultados de mi caso y agradecida de tener mi salud.”
Jackie Sifuentes

“I definitely recommend this law firm! They are super efficient and welcoming.”
Leticia Zuniga

“Andrew went above and beyond and was an absolute bulldog. Very friendly and professional staff all around. I couldn’t be happier with the results on my case. You know what they say: ‘Better call Andrew.'”
Melissa Rohe

“I had an exceptional experience with the Guerrero Law with 5-star results. The diligence they showed in getting results from a not-so-cooperative insurance company was immeasurable! A special thanks to the team and Attorney Andrew!”
Cassandra Thompson

“A law firm that genuinely cares about their clients!”
Alex Gonzalez